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Duet custom axes and leveling

Posted by Napalm1432 
Duet custom axes and leveling
March 15, 2017 05:10AM
Hi there,

I just got my Duet electronics + expansion, and I have some plans as to how I want bed leveling to work.
However, I need to adjust the firmware to fit these needs, I've done some adjustments inside marlin firmware, but never in reprap firmware, so i'm not sure where to look.
Anyhow, my plan is as follows:
I want my bed to have 3 axes (3 z motors) 2 in the front, 1 in the back.
But i want these to be able to move independetly (my plan was to use the expansion board for these axes).
The idea is, that the hotend moves around the bed, probes some points, and saves the differences for each axes.
Then i can compensate, by that amount, for each axis.
So the changes i have to make are:
- Adding 3 seperate Z axes on the expansion board
- have a function saving the z positions when probing
- calculate those differences, and make it an offset for the z axes
- have a gcode routine for probing the bed ( this one is easy)

No ofcourse i don't need to compensate all axes, as the back axes will be the "Main" one, so the front 2 should compensate based on the difference with the back axis.

I hope i made my intentions clear, and can get some help as how to go about this.
I'm definitly not an expert programmer, as I only know the basic arduino programming functions (#define #ifdef means nothing to me) However, i'm always eager to learn more, and i learn quite fast.
So any steps in the right direction are greatly appreciated!

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Re: Duet custom axes and leveling
March 15, 2017 11:48AM
go have a look in the Duet Forums and you will see that what you want is already on the wish list and AFAIK Is already being worked on

Firmware wish list see point 5
Re: Duet custom axes and leveling
March 16, 2017 05:52AM
I have my doubts that using the steppers to adjust the bed will get your bed level. Maybe with a proper gear ratio, so you can use full steps instead of microsteps.
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