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S3D skirt/brim with M572 active

Posted by unromeo21 
S3D skirt/brim with M572 active
April 25, 2017 03:37PM
Hi folks,

I am having some strange issues with the g-code from the skirt/brim generated by Simplify3D when the extruder pressure advance is active. On round corners and circles, the movement is extremely slow, sometimes when the outline is really complicated, it takes ages to complete. Once it gets to the g-code of the part itself, there are no issues there, no complains. If I issue a M572 D0 S0 during the skirt printing, it returns to normal printing speed.

I noticed that the only difference in the g-code of the skirt/brim is the fact that it contains a lot of small movements with extremely small extrusions, like 0.0005, sometimes even 0.0001:

G1 X88.424 Y100.877 E0.0528
G1 X88.430 Y100.864 E0.0005
G1 X88.525 Y100.669 E0.0081
G1 X88.532 Y100.656 E0.0005
G1 X89.179 Y99.401 E0.0528
G1 X89.186 Y99.389 E0.0005
G1 X89.289 Y99.198 E0.0081
G1 X89.296 Y99.186 E0.0005
G1 X89.994 Y97.958 E0.0528
G1 X90.001 Y97.946 E0.0005
G1 X90.112 Y97.759 E0.0081
G1 X90.119 Y97.747 E0.0005
G1 X90.866 Y96.549 E0.0528
G1 X90.874 Y96.537 E0.0005
G1 X90.992 Y96.355 E0.0081
G1 X91.000 Y96.344 E0.0005
G1 X91.795 Y95.176 E0.0528
G1 X91.803 Y95.165 E0.0005
G1 X91.929 Y94.988 E0.0081
G1 X91.937 Y94.976 E0.0005
G1 X92.779 Y93.842 E0.0528
G1 X92.788 Y93.831 E0.0005
G1 X92.920 Y93.660 E0.0081
G1 X92.929 Y93.649 E0.0005
G1 X93.816 Y92.550 E0.0528
G1 X93.825 Y92.539 E0.0005
G1 X93.965 Y92.373 E0.0081
G1 X93.974 Y92.362 E0.0005
G1 X94.904 Y91.300 E0.0528
G1 X94.914 Y91.289 E0.0005
G1 X95.060 Y91.129 E0.0081
G1 X95.070 Y91.119 E0.0005
G1 X96.043 Y90.095 E0.0528
G1 X96.052 Y90.085 E0.0005
G1 X96.205 Y89.931 E0.0081
G1 X96.215 Y89.921 E0.0005

Can someone test this? The only workaround I found is to manually edit the g-code and deactivate the pressure advance at the beginning of the skirt and activate it back when it starts printing the part itself. Any other solution ?

Thanks !
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