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Ultratronics V1.0 & RepRapDiscount Full Graphic LCD

Posted by TheHackerArtist 
Ultratronics V1.0 & RepRapDiscount Full Graphic LCD
August 03, 2017 09:05AM
After running into several issues with my megatronics boards ( which are still unresolved) and after recommendation from some folks on this forum to get my hands on a 32 bit controller, I decided to get myself the Ultratronics V1.0 board.

Now the Megatronics board was compatible with the RepRapDiscount Full Graphics controller with the help of an adapter. I read on the ultratronics product page that the board was compatible with an LCD display and assumed everything would be fine. I probably should have read a bit more as it specifically said it was compatible with their own "RepRapWorld Graphic LCD".

In all cases now I have this board and the RepRapDiscount Full Graphics LCD and I ventured in finding a way to make the LCD work on the ultratronics even though it is no supported by its developers (sadly).

I am no coding guru but I ( think I) understand the code structure of Marlin Kimbra, the firmware I uploaded on the board.

I modified the 1705.h file by adding the following piece of code:


  #define LCD_PINS_RS         74  // CS chip select / SS chip slave select (MISO)
  #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE     75  // SID (MOSI)
  #define LCD_PINS_D4         76  // SCK (CLK) clock
  #define ORIG_BEEPER_PIN     -1

  #define BTN_EN1             20
  #define BTN_EN2             21
  #define BTN_ENC             64


and after reading the schematic and datasheet of the LCD and rewiring the pins on my board as such:

I finally compiled the code and uploaded the sketch to the board, successfully. The LCD screen only displays the Marlin Kimbra intro page and then adds two bars and freezes. My hypothesis is that everything is wired up properly but something is wrong with the firmware because if something was not properly wired I wouldn't get a full image to begin with.

I am not sure what the issues is and how to proceed to fixing it.

What are your thoughts and insights?
Re: Ultratronics V1.0 & RepRapDiscount Full Graphic LCD
August 03, 2017 10:07AM
Think you are asking in totally the wrong Sub Forum this is for the Duet Controllers and i doubt that anyone in here would know anything about the ultratronics boards
Re: Ultratronics V1.0 & RepRapDiscount Full Graphic LCD
August 03, 2017 03:17PM
Ok, thanks for pointing that out. I'll find a better place to post...
I assumed it would be fine because ultratronics is a Arduino due compatible electronics.

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