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Extruder Problems

Posted by Northspire 
Extruder Problems
October 01, 2017 02:57PM
I finally managed to get back to working on my rostock v2 and the extruder is acting weird.
It extrudes fine to start with and as it goes it extrudes less and less until it just chews up the filament and stops extruding

Any Ideas? I believe it has something to do with the amount of pressure building up in the hot end.

Here is my config.g file
(1.66 Kicool smiley Not downloaded yet

Rostock V2 Meanwell SP 750-24 Power Supply,710n Nano W/l Router,E3D Chimera Hot-End,713 Maker Effector and Hot-End Mount,Duet 0.8.5,Bondtech QR Extruder,PanelDue W/ 7 Inch T/S,Mini IR Height Sensor,24V Heated Bed With SSR,46 Quart Dry Box.

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open | download - config.g (3.4 KB)
Re: Extruder Problems
October 01, 2017 07:04PM
Perhaps the hot end fan is inadequate, leading to the cold end of the heat break getting too warm?

It may be worth asking the same question on the E3D forum.

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Re: Extruder Problems
October 02, 2017 01:47AM
ok this was supposed to be the back for my paneldue enclosure. This was all it printed.

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