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connecting to wifi problem

Posted by JustSumGuy 
connecting to wifi problem
February 18, 2018 04:01PM
Hi, I had to reset my WAP because after a power fail it lost all settings and now I cannot connect...

Before you blame the WAP everything else connects to it fine I am sure its working A1

so I used M588 to remove all old SSID from the Duet, no problem, then I tried to setup a new one, but I fudged up a little in Puttty I think and backspaced as I did part of the m587 s"ssid" p"password" bit...
after I put in the new ssid it would not connect, so I tried to remove the new ssid wit m588 and I cannot get connected.
tried super simple ssid like "wtf" no caps no spaces no special chr, tried with super simple passwords all lower case no special chr just letters and numbers, tried WPA2-AES and WPA-AES PSK of cource.

The duet talked to this WAP for months, I know this should work...

One last addition, the Duet was not powered on when the power fail happened... I just dont get it....

how can I purge all SSID's regardless of name? is there an m588 s"*.*" wildcard variable I can use?
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Re: connecting to wifi problem
February 18, 2018 04:05PM
Yes, M588 S"*" will clear the flash memory used to store SSIDs. See [duet3d.dozuki.com].

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Re: connecting to wifi problem
February 18, 2018 08:29PM
I have to read more carefully, I dont know how I missed that....

Thanx smiling smiley
Re: connecting to wifi problem
February 19, 2018 12:57PM
While I don't know exactly why, purging all SSID and rebuilding the one I needed did fix the issue of failed connections.

Back to all working well now thanx smiling smiley
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