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"print another"-bug in V1.20_stable?

Posted by o_lampe 
"print another"-bug in V1.20_stable?
March 15, 2018 03:52AM
I made three new carriers with my XL Delta. The second was printed using the "print another" button in DWC. The third one ( like the first ) was made, after the usual delta-calibration.
The First and Third carrier were spot on regarding scale, but the second was 0.8mm wider at a 65mm wide part.
I didn't change anything else beween the prints.
I can't explain, where the difference is coming from, except a bug in FW.

It might be worth mentioning, that it takes a while until the heated bed is cooled down enough to remove the part and start a new print. The steppers are at 30% current during that time.

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