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Editing model.js from DWC?

Posted by PDBeal 
Editing model.js from DWC?
April 28, 2018 10:10PM
In the "settings" tab, you could modify parameters. Configuration parameters are stored in the local storage of your browser and the cookies shall be activated. If you clean up regularly your browser cookies/cache for safety, this will cancel the configuration. To set permanent modifications independent from your browser, you shall modify the variable "settings" in file "/www/js/model.js". This file replace the former "interface.js" file which was splitted in "model.js" (configuration) and "viewmodel.js" (execution) from DWC version 1.08. Updating this file on SD card is done like updating the config.g file

So I was looking around at changing my config files for the duet 0.8.5 boards to include the link to my ip camera. While looking around to do this, I ran across the above statement that its updated like the config.g file. Is that regarding just uploading a new model.js file, or should it be accessible from the System Editor like the config.g files are? Or was this behavior changed?

I've actually managed to do what I wanted by editing the dwc,js,gz file on the SD card. I'm guessing the above instructions are no longer valid considering everything looks to be consolidated in to the dwc.js.gz file now. And I'm assuming I can cleanup my SD card by removing the older WWW folder and only using what is now included in the current WebControl zip file.

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