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Enclosure Heater on Duex2

Posted by rikesh942014 
Enclosure Heater on Duex2
July 17, 2018 02:59PM
Hi guys,

I want to mount a Enclosure heater for my 3D printer and was wondering if the Duex2 Expansion board is able to power this through the extruder heaters.

I have read somewhere that the Duet Wifi is able to go upto about 9Amps for the extruder heaters but couldn't find much information for the Duex2 boards.

Enclosure heater that I am using: [www.ebay.co.uk]

So the heater is 24V at 150W - which would be about 6.25Amps, can anyone confirm if this is okay to power through the extruder heaters on the Duex2 expansions board.
Re: Enclosure Heater on Duex2
July 17, 2018 05:12PM
We normally say 5A maximum for Duet heater outputs, however the mosfets and connectors can handle more than that. So I think 6.25A should be OK. The weakest point is probably the vias connecting the mosfet source terminal to the ground plane.

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