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Maestro & Geeetech 128-64-LCD

Posted by o_lampe 
Maestro & Geeetech 128-64-LCD
December 15, 2018 08:55AM
You have to remove the housings of the ribbon cable connectors on the LCD and connect them both in revers in order to make it work. ( revers doesn't mean switch EXP1 with EXP2 )
Alternatively you can cut a notch in the housing.
BTW: it works as it should on a RAMPS board but the pinning is the other way round on the Maestro ( eg. EXP1 pin 1 should be 5V, not pin 10 )

Don't want to blame anyone; probably Geeetech just copied the same old error we've seen often with RRD_smart_LCD clones?

Q: Can I revers the encoder in RRF?

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Re: Maestro & Geeetech 128-64-LCD
December 15, 2018 01:07PM
The pinout used by the Duet Maestro corresponds exactly to the pinout in the schematic linked to from [reprap.org]. I purchased two clones of this board on eBay and Amazon, and they both work with the Duet Maestro using the ribbon cables supplied with the controller. However, they did require different settings for the encoder. To configure the encoder, see [duet3d.dozuki.com].

These displays use an adapter board when used with RAMPS, and that adapter is normally supplied with the display. I guess that if they get the display connections wrong, they can correct for it in the adapter.

One of our OEMs also had a problem with the pinout of the displays they purchased. Looks like some of the clone manufacturers didn't copy the original design properly.

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Re: Maestro & Geeetech 128-64-LCD
December 16, 2018 02:34AM
As I said: I don't want to blame anyone.
The RAMPS adapter theory is perfectly plausible.
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