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Advanced Duet board voltage !

Posted by meobeou 
Advanced Duet board voltage !
January 15, 2019 05:14AM
Hi All,

So I'm looking into setting up a stepper motor controller circuit, and I just wanted to compare the voltage that my reprap fisher 3D printer uses for the axises, to use as a starting point.
I've got a copy of the schematics, and it suggests that the DC voltage from the mains is what is used - mine is rated at 19v @ ~3A.
The stepper that it uses is rated for 3.3V, does this mean that the motor is being over cooked? Or is it happy to run at this voltage (and maybe higher?).


Re: Advanced Duet board voltage !
January 15, 2019 08:39AM
The stepper drivers on the Duet (as on all 3D printer control boards) are constant current, so they won't cook the motors as long as you set the motor current within the rating of the motor. Motor currents are set using the M906 command in the config.g file.

Constant current drivers allow much faster motion than a 3.3V constant voltage driver would, that's why constant current drivers are used.

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