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Duet Ethernet destroyed with water pump?

Posted by bjoern85 
Duet Ethernet destroyed with water pump?
May 24, 2019 05:07PM
I bought a waterpump from china, to try other ways for layer cooling.
Which wasn't the best idea. angry smiley Maybe there was to much current or i had the wrong polarity first.

When i tried to connect it to a fan out, a few sparks flew and now i cannot get any response from the board.
When i power on the machine, the heatbed is always on. No lights on the ethernet connector.
The parts labeled with "L2 and "L3" look fried to me. The LEDs 3.3V and 5V+ are on, when i switch power on. As well as the LED for the heatbed. The LED "E1 heat" goes on, and then gets darker after a few seconds.
When i connect a usb cable, the LED left from the connector is on. The "Fan0" output works as always on. No signal on the blTouch.

Is it possible to repair the board? confused smiley

Thanks for any help.

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