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Webcam surveilance

Posted by jens53 
Webcam surveilance
July 04, 2019 11:19PM
I have set up my Duet with a camera to follow the progress of the prints. The embedded picture in the web interface is very small and details can easily be missed. Is there any provision for maximizing the camera feed? In Octoprint for example, double clicking on the camera feed will make the picture full screen.
Also, it would be nice if we could select one out of a number of feeds. Extra feeds allow for different camera angles to better interpret how the print is progressing. I am thinking a tiny picture of a camera feed, click on that and it goes to the current default size. Double click and it maximizes in the current window.
Re: Webcam surveilance
July 05, 2019 02:14AM
I suggest you post this in the Duet Web Control section of the forum at duet3d.com. The author of Duet Web Control is more likely to see it there.

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