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Setup Help

Posted by skivvy 
Setup Help
August 27, 2019 07:04PM
Ok so here's my dilemma. I've got a Duet Ethernet and am trying to set it up. The problem i have is how do i set up things like sensorless homing? Do i go into the HomeAll.g and edit what's already there, or do i replace it? Basically, what goes where. Do i need to create new .g files for anything i want to do, or do i just create a macro. I've gone through the documentation on the Duet dozuki site but it seems to tell you what everything does, and not where to put them or what to do with the commands. Are there any tutorials out there to learn from? Just some basic setup videos anyone recommends or setup guides? I just need a push in the right direction.
Re: Setup Help
August 28, 2019 02:54AM
The most commonly-used options can be set up using the configuration file generator at [configurator.reprapfirmware.org]. For options not covered there, edit the config.g and homing files yourself (you can do this from the Duet web interface, so no need to remove the SD card).

For sensorless homing, the settings required depend on what motors you use. See [duet3d.dozuki.com].

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: Setup Help
August 28, 2019 01:00PM
So basically i can write whatever i want in whatever file i want? Are there certain things that do or do not go in certain files?
Re: Setup Help
September 10, 2019 08:54AM
The easiest way is to create a macro and test it till it works to your liking, depending on your printer type you will need a macro per axis, for instance on my corexy, on macro is enough as homing x will home y and vice versa.
Then you can call the macro from your homing files with M98.
If you need to change something, you'll only need to edit the macro and no need to touch the homing files.
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