End Stop Dramas... Help!
September 02, 2019 07:34AM
Hey legends,

I have had some experience with Duet 2 Wifi boards and I am now attempting to install a new Duet 2 Wifi in a Cartesian printer I have at home.

There is definitely someone basic I am missing but have been scratching my head for the last few hours, reading many posts with no clear answer.

Please see my config attached.

- Have end stops (wired correctly SIG BLANK GND) and in the correct positions.
- Confirmed continuity test of end-stops, NO and when mechanically closed circuit is grounded to signal.
- Further confirmation as the LED on my Duet 2 board is blinking when circuit is closed during testing.

The issue is, the signal is making no change on the printer, that is:
- Homing X, Y and Z axis' result in no movement as the firmware believes the end stops are triggered constantly.

When using M574 X2 Y1 Z2 S0 I get the desired result (end stops show as No and then Yes when I close them)

However this does not seem to save when I update the config.g file.

I am new to the RepRap configuration so if someone could point out what I am missing, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,
open | download - config (2).zip (14.4 KB)
Re: End Stop Dramas... Help!
September 03, 2019 04:28PM
I am using a tablet so I can't open your attachment. Please post it as config.txt.

It's more usual to use the NC switch contacts. But the NO ones should work if you have the right M574 command in config.g

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Re: End Stop Dramas... Help!
September 10, 2019 04:09PM
I would suggest that you switch to NC endstops. There's a good reason why they're more common. In the event that an endstop cable gets unplugged, the system cannot tell that this has happened. If you use a NC endstop, then it will read as triggered as soon as it becomes disconnected. This is a less destructive failure, as the motor won't try to grind an axis into its end of travel position.

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