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2 PWM fand from single output?

Posted by drmaestro 
2 PWM fand from single output?
April 06, 2020 01:27AM

My hotend has 2 part cooling fand. They naturally have to work simultaneously. Is it advisable to use a single PWM output on the board for this purposr or should I use a single output by splitting the wire? Also, if splitting is an option, is there a tool/crimp/etc to split a wirein two? I try to wrap 1 wire around the crimp of the second wire but it isn’t very solid of course and can be dislocated. If I use solder to attach the wire to the crimp, it doesn’t fit into the plastic connector housing.

Re: 2 PWM fand from single output?
April 06, 2020 02:14AM
You could connect the two fans in parallel at the hot end using soldered joints insulated by heatshrink sleeving.

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Re: 2 PWM fand from single output?
July 19, 2020 10:24AM
Hi there,
i have the same Question, but in my scenario, it dosent work to connect two Fans on one output. (the Board burn)
My question now is how to define it to use two outputs sync.

Unfortunately, these three attempts did not work in the Pin Config.

#define FAN_PIN PC8 & PE5

#define FAN_PIN PC8 and PE5

#define FAN_PIN PC8 + PE5

(I have the SKR Pro V1.1 board)

Greetings, Marta

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