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RepPanel - A display alternative for the PanelDue

Posted by seeul8er 
RepPanel - A display alternative for the PanelDue
May 24, 2020 08:56AM

RepPanel is a user interface for Duet based 3D printers. It is a cheaper alternative to the already available PanelDue. It uses the ESP32 and is optimized for 3.5" displays with 320x480 resolution. If you source the hardware yourself it costs around 25€-30€.
A big difference to the PanelDue is that the RepPanel does not have to be connected via cable to the printer. You can put it up anywhere in your WiFi. However, you can connect it directly to your PanelDue port for lower latency and more stability.

It is not intended to be a replacement for Duet Web Control. If you just want a display for your printer you still might be better off using the PanelDue, since it does not involve sourcing the hardware, compiling & flashing the firmware. However, if you have a little experience with tinkering it is fairly easy to set up and you'll be rewarded with a cheap and cool looking printer control smiling smiley

Tested with Duet2 WiFi running
  • RepRapFirmware
  • RepRapFirmware 3.0
  • RepRapFirmware 3.1.0
  • RepRapFirmware 3.1.1

GitHub Repository (Download)
Personal Project Page

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Re: RepPanel - A display alternative for the PanelDue
May 26, 2020 04:58AM
That's a nice solution and I will look into your code to learn!

Personally I would add an emergency print stop button somewhere additionaly (but protected not to be acivated unintentionally...)
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