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Servo motor control mode

Posted by thomas22 
Servo motor control mode
June 15, 2024 03:31AM
I am building machine other than 3d printer, type of the eletctrical press. Best for this application is torque control mode wich is provide by servo and controler that im using, it's here:
(I need the motor to push thing, and then go back to estop, in cycle, but with counting cycles etc, i just want to use duet because of DWC)
DUET 3 MINI 5+, 2pcs 1XD, SBC mode with RPI4

With standard step/dir mode i run it smoothly like in 3D printer, and made some macros for alarms etc.
My first try was with analog input in servo and provide 0-10V with some type of converter from duet (controling torque like a fan with PWM, than convert it to 0-10V). But after i ordered the servo i found out that servo drive doesn't have physical analog input. Only the inside setup value or outer comunication via RS485.
And i found TTL converter (wich is suported by duet) to RS485.

And now i have two question:

Is it possible to comunicate duet and setup rs485 comunication with this servo drive in some easy ways, and then by comands listed in servo drive guide just use the servo by sending comands or use macros from DWC.

How can i use this simple torque mode with setup parameters from Motion Studio that is provided with T6 Servo, im trying to find anything but it seems that it is very little about it in the instruction, maybe i will program servo drive 1 cycle, and then send digital signal from duet to induce cycle or induce part of the movement.
Re: Servo motor control mode
June 18, 2024 03:12AM
Adding Modbus RTU support is on our TODO list for RepRapFirmware on Duet boards. We've already specified an extension to the M260 and M261 commands for this purpose, see [reprap.org].

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