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Finding help with Smoothie

Posted by arthurwolf 
Finding help with Smoothie
June 15, 2016 02:11PM
If you are looking for help about Smoothie, there are many ways you can find it. Here is a list :

Documentation :

The website at http://smoothieware.org/ is the most complete documentation you'll find of any Open-Source electronics/firmware CNC controller around.

It covers every subject in detail ( you can see a list of topics on the main page ), and also have step-by-step guides for specific machine types.

Being on Reprap you probably want the 3D printer guide.. This should generally be your starting point, please read this guide if you have any questions before asking the community.

Here are a few pages you might want to know about :
  • [smoothieware.org] covers everything related to hotends and heated beds
  • [smoothieware.org] is what you want to read if you have a linear delta printer like the kossel or rostock
  • [smoothieware.org] covers probing, which is used for levelling and calibration
  • [smoothieware.org] covers the list of all the supported gcodes and explains what they do
  • [smoothieware.org] explains how to use the network interface

And these are only a few pages amongst many.

The website is a wiki, you are extremely welcome to help improve it by editing it yourself.

Contacting the Smoothie community

There are many ways to contact the community :

If you have questions, complaints, ideas, want to collaborate etc, you can also contact wolf.arthur@gmail.com directly.


You can find the source code for the Smoothie firmware here : [github.com]
Instructions on how to compile it is here : [smoothieware.org]
Instructions on how to debug it using GDB via a serial cable : [smoothieware.org]

The source files for the board are here : [github.com]
The list of electronic components is here : [docs.google.com]
The list of connectors is here : [docs.google.com]

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