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Switch module G-code activation of another G-code sequence

Posted by chromvis 
Switch module G-code activation of another G-code sequence
October 13, 2017 12:29PM
The possibility to activate G-code sequence with another G-code using Switch module is mentioned in documentation.
I made dual extruder printer with swinging extruders, so that one is out of the way when another is printing. Extruders are switched by servo.
When I switch from T0 toT1 I need to send a sequence of different commands then when going from T1 to T0 (mainly different angle settings on servo activation commands)
I tried to use Switch module for that (activating G-code from another G-code) - it does not work. I am not very proficient in modern coding, but after careful analysis of source code linked in documentation on "switch" page I think that this function is not implemented at all.
Another possibility is to use IF function, but I could not find proper Description of how to use it.
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