TMC2130 SPI Stepper Driver and Smoothie
February 03, 2018 06:04PM
Hello to Everyone!
I'm new to this group since i'm just migrating from Arduino based boards,
I've done some web search..but i'm still wondering if smoothie with the mentioned drivers can achieve this...

TMC2130 Capabilities

I've read that smoothie has control for TMC26XX SPI drivers but can't find anyone tried these...

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Re: TMC2130 SPI Stepper Driver and Smoothie
May 22, 2018 10:57AM
tiagojbalmeida is currently working on TMC2130 support for smoothieware. He made a pull-request and it's about to be integraded into smoothieware. It needs a bit of testing:
Re: TMC2130 SPI Stepper Driver and Smoothie
November 04, 2019 11:32PM
Related question: how to handle the hardware side of moving to external steppers?

I have a original smoothieboard using the onboard drivers in a delta. works great, love the smoothieware config, but its loud.

I recently picked up some TMC 2208's for my Prusa clone, and I was amazed at the difference it made in that printer. Silence! Beautiful prints!

I now want to do the same for my delta, but I don't want to wait for V2. Does anyone make a daughterboard that can take the inputs from the smoothieboard and route them through external (pololu stepstick style) drivers?

would something like this work? just clip the pins I don't need?


I'd solder one myself, but my hands are a bit shaky sad smiley

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