LCD and smoothieboard
February 28, 2018 10:02PM
I purchased a smoothieboard x4 online and have it set up and mostly running with the exception of my lcd. I have been trying to build my printer for ages now and I am down to this last step before I call it quits and throw it away. My computer doesnt work worth a darn so usb and internet are not really options for running my printer, my solution was to buy an lcd display that can print from sd. It turns out that it was a bad idea, I cant for the life of me figure out how to connect an MKS TFT32_L V3.0 to a smoothieboard. I saw an article online about the lcd on smoothieware. I think they did not have a smoothieboard looking at it now. [] please any help at how to install this to my smoothieboard would be amazing.
Re: LCD and smoothieboard
March 01, 2018 03:14AM
Things to know...

This is not really a LCD, its a computer with touch screen display.

All it needs is a serial connection the the baud rate to match your serial baud rate

From the site you listed. The last line is very important

"You just have to connect TX on Smoothieboard with RX on the display and vice versa.
then ground and 5 volts… all done.
Have a look at the website, you will find all you need
Set the Baud rate for the UART (not the main usb) to 115200 or 250000 Baud, same for the display in the config file."
Re: LCD and smoothieboard
March 01, 2018 10:20PM
from the touch screen i need
Screen TX to Mainboard RX
Screen RX to Mainboard TX
Screen Ground to PSU Ground
Screen 5v to PSU 5V line

Edit: I have one more question that I am not really sure about, my connector has eight pins from my screen, four of them on one side are labled as tx rx gnd and 5v, what about the pins in the row next to them? The closest labels I can find is AUX-1 and I dont think that helps me as I understand that as labeling the whole connector? I also have a plastic 8 pin connector for two more sets of pins on the screen, the only labels I see there are for one c5, GND, SCLK, DO and the other RST, RXD, TXD, NC. Both sets of these also are only labeled on one side and have a second row of pins parallel to them. Do these other two connector spots do anything for the bare minimum connection to make it work?

and the rest is setting programming settings to communicate between the screen and the mainboard?

I do not have an adapter as I couldn't find anywhere that sold one after I found out I am supposed to have one while I continued searching the internet last night for an answer. as far as this goes, I dont have a problem soldering if i can get it right the first time.

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Re: LCD and smoothieboard
March 01, 2018 10:37PM
There is no adaptor.

All that is left is firmware

add one line in your config:

uart0.baud_rate 115200
uart0.baud_rate 250000

depending what you have the screen baud rate set to
Re: LCD and smoothieboard
March 01, 2018 10:42PM
How about for the pins that are parallel to those pins?
Re: LCD and smoothieboard
March 02, 2018 03:49AM
You only need the 4 pins

Ignore the rest

The screen should be all powered and showing icons etc, but will not do anything till you configure the UART with the correct baud rate

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