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Smoothieboard v1.1 MKS TFT32 Touchscreen

Posted by Oakaj 
Smoothieboard v1.1 MKS TFT32 Touchscreen
June 16, 2018 05:48AM
Hey guys

I bought a new tft32 from MKS. I didn't found an instruction for installing it on the original Smoothieboard v1.1.
I found the pinlayout from the MKS sBase v1.3 and compared it to that from my smoothie. I found exactly the same pins (Tx, Rx, 5V and Gnd).
The MKS sBase board is a copy from my board and it schould be possible to flash the original Frimware from Smoothieware. So, is it true, that the pinout is exactly the same on bouth boards?
Am I able to connect the display on this pins?
Has anybody made experiance with this already?

pinout of my Smoothie: Click here
pinout of sBase board: Click here

Thank a lot and best regards
Re: Smoothieboard v1.1 MKS TFT32 Touchscreen
August 10, 2018 07:18AM
They are the same pins and it shoud be possible to get it to work.
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