Auto probe before printing?
January 05, 2019 10:53AM
Hi All,

Is it possible to auto-probe (with 6mm proximity probe) for Z-Offset before each print? For some reason I sometimes need to manually adjust the z-Offset before a print as it can be off by a 0.03mm to 0.09mm and it makes a big difference to bed adhesion. Delta printer so the bed is not moving. smiling smiley

I saw a video of a guy using Marlin and he is able to include, I think it is a G29, in the GCode before a print and it will use the results for the Z-Offset.

Can I do that in smoothie? I don't need a bed levelling as I have manually set that up with a dial indicator, I just need to probe for Z-Offset (G32 -- or??) and then use that for the print.
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