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Questions of a newbie.

Posted by stchse 
Questions of a newbie.
January 08, 2019 09:21AM
First of all a friendly Hello to everybody.

I have a few typical newbie questions, that I've tried to find an answer on:

How does Smootieware behave if a parameter is not explicitly specified in the config file? For example "default_feed_rate" or "mm_per_line_segment".

  • Is there a default value somewhere within the firmware that gets used if nothing specific is defined in the config file?
  • Is this parameter ignored by the system thus inactive completely? If so, what if the value is mandatory like the feed rate?
  • Is the behaviour case sensitive, so if it's a mandatory value for the operation the system does not start at all, whereas if it's a optional value only, it just gets ignored by the system?
  • The value "mm_per_arc_segment" is mentioned in a few exemplary config files with the additional comment, that setting it to zero disables the setting. This parameter is not even shown on the smoothieware "configuration options" page. Is this parameter obsolete?
  • Are there other parameters that are missing in the Smootieware overview?
  • Are there other values which can be fully disabled by setting their value to zero?

Thank you very much.

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