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Pause / resume

Posted by sas888 
Pause / resume
March 03, 2019 07:08AM

I am doing research on a which board to use on a CNC type project I am working on. I have done research online and cannot find the answer so I need assistance please.

On the Smoothieboard firmware, it is possible to have a set of GCode running from an SD card then after a certain position is executed, the system will wait until an external trigger is activated, then the Gcode continues running from the position where the pause was executed and continue is this fashion. It is a stop start motion.

The external trigger will be in the form of a switch from an external devices (will send an on/off signal).

Is this possible and if so what would be the starting point for me to figure out how to create something like this?

Thank you
Re: Pause / resume
March 03, 2019 07:50AM
take a look at switch [smoothieware.org]

in particular the suspend and resume examples [smoothieware.org]

and the section on stopping smoothie [smoothieware.org]
Re: Pause / resume
March 03, 2019 12:29PM
Thank you smiling smiley

I went through the info and I think I understand it. I noticed the pin type in the example is a normal pin (1.30), can I instead use an interrupt pin from an unused area as I would need a fast response time for the resume signal?
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