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Smoothieboard v1 issues

Posted by luthorgelt 
Smoothieboard v1 issues
February 09, 2020 01:52PM

I am using smothieboard v1 like CNC with the eShapeoko, and I am using one stepper motor NEMA 23 or NEMA 17 for testing.

Previously, I built a CNC eShapeoko with another smoothieboard and all went fine for the first time, but I am building another eShapeoko with the smoothieboard v1, and I have a some troubles that I don’t know how I can solve them.

With the new smoothieboard v1, If I only connect the stepper motor of Z axis, and I do click on the control panel to move 1 mm up, the stepper motor vibrates and the bCNC says “Hard limit Z”. With the old smoothiboard, when I want to move 1 mm up again, the z motor go up or down 1 mm . Randomly the stepper motor go down or up. Never it go in the same direcction and I don’t know what is the problem.

Another problem is that with the new smoothieboard, in the first move when I do click on the X or Y axis (example 1 mm right), 2 or 3 seconds later of execute the movement, the stepper motor begins to do some noises on intervals of 1 second, like interruptions, and if I want to move 5 mm up, the stepper motor goes 5 mm but it stop 1 millisecond for every second. The first move is always clean, but the others no. It does on all the axis.

Please I need help for this.

Re: Smoothieboard v1 issues
April 01, 2020 05:57PM
You need to read the documentation ( endstops page ) about hard limits, and choose to either disable them, or configure them properly.

Also, if the motors "lock up", try moving more slowly ( F parameter in your Gcode, see documentation on Gcodes )

About the noises at intervals, where did you get your Smoothieboard and can you send a picture of it? Thanks.
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