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Smoothie ask to much power from USB hub/ laptop

Posted by B-Art 
Smoothie ask to much power from USB hub/ laptop
July 03, 2020 07:45AM

Have a problem with my v1 smoothieboard, i hope you can help mee. Im using it with my k40 laser.
When i connect the smoothieboard to my computer it will not connect. No lights go on and the computer is saying that the smoothie board is asking for to much power.

I have 4 eindstops plugged in and 24 volt 5 ma DC power for the steppingmotor. The light on the smoothie board for the additional 24 volt power is on. I have twee stepper moter connected and they ware working fine yesterday. Yesterday i wash testing the stepping motors and endstops. Today Nothing works.i have connect the 5 volt with out the usb connection. Same result, no lights. I have not Used the power supply form the laser yet.

I use a lenovo laptop. When i put the sd card in my computer there is no probleem. I have used diverend kabels and have the latest firmware. Lightburn i use to controle the laser.

HAs Anyone got the samen problems?
Does anyone know how to fix it?

Greetings Bart

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Re: Smoothie ask to much power from USB hub/ laptop
July 12, 2020 04:30PM
Hello Bart!

You should never move the motors using USB power, the motors will draw more current than the USB is supposed to deliver.
A motor can draw 1-2 Amps depending on the motor, while USB 2.0 is limited to .5 Amps (500mA).
Hopefully you have not damaged the board or your computer.
Try again using the power supply in the unit, using USB for sending commands only.

Good Luck!
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