September 11, 2009 02:14PM
Hey everyone,
I am new to this forum, so I will start with a little background. I am a recent graduate of Brown University in Providence, RI. I studied manufacturing and design in college, and am currently the founder of a RI based startup with a couple classmates who graduated with me. As the lead engineer for my company, I have been looking for ways to take our prototyping to the next level, and 3D printing has been something I have pushed for to the company for some time now. I also do freelance CAD work using Solidworks, so virtual modeling is something I am very familiar with. During my search for more affordable 3D printing I came across this group, and it seems very interesting to me, both as the lead engineer of a (currently) low budget startup and someone who is constantly tinkering with gadgets. Unfortunately, neither the company (since we are pre-seed funding) nor myself (pre-salary) can't afford to get involved in the project through buying a kit, so I was wondering if there was any other way that I might get involved while I save up my money.
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