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Adjustable frame for the Hangprinter

Posted by atmark 
Adjustable frame for the Hangprinter
July 22, 2018 06:52AM

I've been designing and building a frame for the Hangprinter as it needs to be movable in my case. I need to set it up at different spots and I would like to be able to calibrate the frame in an easy manner. The design takes inspiration from Tobben's wooden frame, but adds more durability, sturdiness and adjustability. This includes the option to level the frame and print bed in relation to ground as well as in relation to the print head.

The Z-anchors are still in development, but they will be vertically adjustable. Manually first, later on by winches.

The print bed frame will rest on a big ball joint and it will have three screws for Z-height calibration. I haven't decided yet how those screws will be implemented.

Height of those legs is 2-3 meters and distance from center 1-2 meters. Print bed diameter in the images is 1,5 meters. Height of the printer base plate from ground is 2,5 meters. The legs and cross bars are made of aluminum (30x30 and 40x40 mm). The print bed is thought to be tempered glass, but I could also go with an aluminium disc. The glass disc would weight around 20-30 kg depending on it's thickness.

I would appreciate to hear your comments and ideas!

Re: Adjustable frame for the Hangprinter
August 06, 2018 09:03AM

Will you include a layout for the spools that works with your top plate?

You can generate such a layout by changing the translations and rotations in the Hangprinter's original layout file:

If you survive the Openscad text editing, you get in reward the possibility to make a 2d-printable pdf of your layout easily smiling smiley

Re: Adjustable frame for the Hangprinter
August 06, 2018 03:11PM

Yes, I will include it. First I have to sort out few other things.
Indeed, that was a thing I wanted to ask you, if the spool layout is fixed or if it can be altered. Great, if the spool layout can be rotated and translated. What about the distance from the spool to the line rollers? Obviously A, B and C distances must be same, but is it necessary to keep them at the given length? I'll try to keep the top plate dimensions within 900x700 mm so it can be manufactured with a mid-sized laser cutter.

In your recent blog post about the future design goals you wrote about belt drives. There was also an image of Alexander's prototype. Is this the direction you are aiming at? Is it something I should consider a starting point for the spool layout?

I'll try to make a sense of openscad. It's not really intuitive, at least not to me grinning smiley

This is how the design looks at the moment. I've added a print bed sub frame for better support of the bed and for dimensional stability of the main frame. Line anchors will be attached on movable cross bars on the legs. Later on, I could imagine anchor sleds rolling on bearings. Maybe those sleds could be pulled by additional D-lines so that the anchors would move in relation with the effector. What do you think?

The print bed is really giving me some headache... Although, the big ball joint cup can handle the weight alone. It already holds my whole weight with only 15% infill, so that's no issue. But how to design transportable, rigid and flat print surface... I think it should be able to fold, roll or otherwise pack it in smaller size for transport. Any ideas? grinning smiley

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