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Hangprinter version 4

Posted by atmark 
Hangprinter version 4
March 17, 2020 08:35AM
Hey Tobben

I would need your help with the wiring of the Duet2 and of the Odrive boards.
The issue is, that I will need the thermocouple daughterboard interface for sensing my extrude temperature.

Would it be possible to use the SPI0_X pins of the expansion interface instead? What you I need to change in the code?

The Badass Pellet Extruder is now already semi-operational. We are already able to extrude plastic with 1,5 kg/h rate and almost a doubling will occur once we get the bigger stepper installed. Waiting still for the pinion gear to arrive.

I'm going to shift focus on the motion unit electronics. Meanwhile, my team mate is working on the mechanical part of the unit. We have developed two motion unit concepts, which we're going to test. Both are going to work with 2-3 mm steel wire. I wasn't able to find Dyneema rope with only small amount of flex, that's why we're shifting now to steel wires. We're going to do the first tests with regular steel wire, but I'll try to source pre-stressed wire somewhere to get rid of the flexing issue. Also, we have ideas on how to measure accurately the position of the end-effector. It will be a combination of angular sensors and rotary encoders directly on the line guiding bearings. More on that later, once we get to test the system.

We also have a pretty solid concept for the frame and for the wire guiding system. Those will be introduced, once we have them ready.
Your help with the code/wiring would be now essential!

Here's a video clip on my setup


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