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build and control software

Posted by bharathlavu 
build and control software
June 01, 2020 01:55PM
Hello fellow reprappers,
I have got a few issues with my a hybrid version of hangrinter that I am building currently.
My new hybrid printer is built exactly how the original V3 is but with a few changes which include using a recyclebot nstead of a regular extruder and using a nema23 to support the D-lines where the weight of carriage is acting directly.
The issue I have here is with the movement control of the printer, I could move it vertically with D-Line but the A, B and C lines are not able to support the horizontal movement correctly. I am using the software "Pronterface" to control the printer along with a TB6600 controller for the nema 23 whereas the rest of nema17s went with A4988 drivers.
Thanks in advance for the assistance that I am gonna get here.
Re: build and control software
August 02, 2021 07:13AM
This sounds like a problem with the anchor position calibration.
I'm guessing that you don't do auto anchor calibration of any sort?
If not, then you'll have to measure anchor positions manually.
It's a bit involved, but not impossible.
Here's a nice discussion:

Sorry for this answer being so late. Since the Discord server became more active, I've tended to check this forum less often.

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