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Hangprinter (v3/v4) + Duet2Wifi + Nema23

Posted by peta 
Hangprinter (v3/v4) + Duet2Wifi + Nema23
July 09, 2020 06:10PM
Dear Hangprinter Community
First of all, please let me thank you all for all your effort on this wonderful printer!
Right now I'm working on a hangprinter built which could be described as a version 4 but with Nema23 instead of ODrives.

Because we are planing to implement a ceramics printing head we decided to go for Nema23 (without smart steppers) instead of Nema17 motors and we had to switch for a 24V support. Knowing of v4 and the utilization/possibilities of a Duet 2 board to use the Nema23 as well as Hangprinter support, we decided to use the Duet 2 Wifi. Additionally, we went for belt-driven spools.

We tried out the hangptinter support in the standard Duet RRF as well as Torbjørn's RRF fork with specified binary for hangprinter.
Both firmwares seem to be lacking some support for our setup, though:
Standard RRF has newer overall Firmware (3.15 at the moment instead of 2.15?) but rather basic considerations of hangprinter needs.
Torbjørn's RRF fork binary and corresponding config.g-file come with deeper thoughts and experience from earlier versions on things like line buildup compensation, spool-radius, spool-/motor-teeth, advantage with double lines etc. etc. etc. But it is also primarily written with ODrives in mind.

Since we used the on-board TMC2660 drivers (X, Y, Z, E1 sockets), we menaged to get the Nema23 working individually in both cases but we still have some questions, we would like to ask:

Does someone here have a similar use case of running Nema motors on a Duet 2 board for a hangprinter built?

(1) What RRFirmware do you use and how have you adjusted your config.g file?

(2) What Firmware would you suggest for our setting (Duet 2 Wifi + Nema23)?

Simple question(s):
(3) How have you mapped your motors to the drivers? (XYZU like suggested by Duet or rather ABCD as in Torbjørn's config.g?)
(4) It confused me, whether it is a problem - e.g. for translation of linear (Cartesian) coordinates (from gcode) into non-linear (hangprinter/delta-printer) coordinates - having the same naming of motors and axes?

Speaking of which:
(5) What routine do you use to generate gcode for your hangprinter (from .stl-file to gcode)?
(6) What slicer or software-combination do you use?

Very excited about and very thankful for any reply!

Thanks a lot!


Re: Hangprinter (v3/v4) + Duet2Wifi + Nema23
August 13, 2020 08:07AM
Since my request-post most of my questions could be answered by further exploration and helpful reactions in the duet forum.
But the most valuable and informative support by far was the wonderfully detailed documented Trikarus-Project by the Fablab Chemnitz guys!!!

I stumbled upon this post and spent a day learning all their steps and build decisions.

Hi all,
after doing a lot of testings and work i finally put my docs for Hangprinter online -> [wiki.fablabchemnitz.de]
and some video sources: [videos.stadtfabrikanten.org]

Check out the Trikarus-project's wiki page:

Reading the documentation was tremendously helpful, because in terms of components their built is quite close to what we set up (faaaaar more sophisticated, though smiling smiley):
They use nema17 motors with misfittech's smart steppers controlled by a duet 2 ethernet board (along with lots of additional equipment).

Ones again, a huge THANK YOU guys!!!

I consider my initial request now as answered/closed.
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