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New member, about to start

Posted by Sebastianmaklary 
New member, about to start
December 30, 2020 03:52PM
Hi there

I've been in love with the hangprinter concept for a few years since I saw videos of it on Youtube but have not had the space or time to make one while I was a student.

Now, I want to build one, with the hope that I can set it up at my work after I prove that I can get it to function well enough to print bodywork parts.

I have had a Prusa I3 for the past 3 years and have occationally used and serviced printers at school/university going back to 2013 but have never dived deep into firmware or G-code, so I expect to have to learn a lot to make this work as the printer seems to be less developed than the commercially available products.

I want to be a part of the community while I build this, so to start with, what are the largest pitfalls and are the manual and sourcing on hangprinter.org up to date?

A bit about my background: I am a mechanical engineer and also have some programming experience in matlab and a little bit in python.
Edit: I intend on printing bodywork parts for motorcycle and race cars. I am prepared to not build the lowest priced printer if that makes the end-result better for printing this kind of stuff at higher speeds.


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