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4 point hangprinter for cubic printing volume

Posted by ayozek 
4 point hangprinter for cubic printing volume
August 11, 2021 12:15AM
Hi, I want to propose a four point hangprinter that can be square or rectangular as i show in the pics, this type of printer makes possible a cubic printing volume instead the common delta hangprinter for pyramidal printing volume, this is an idea i have had since few years and i have made a random sketch to explain this idea. i have thought now of maintaining a square frame in tension to move in z axis with one or more motors and move the xy axis with 4 additional motors, all located in the ceiling.

i think this idea, whatever the approach can be made easily in houses though i have in mind making a light concrete frame of 5m tall for more industrial approach

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open | download - 4 point hangerprinter.jpg (203.7 KB)
open | download - 4 point hangerprinter 2.jpg (273.2 KB)
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