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Project Anet A8+ with Minitronics

Posted by GWD 
Project Anet A8+ with Minitronics
January 11, 2021 09:28AM
Hi All,

I'm quite new to 3D printing and have basic electronical knowledge and basic programming skills. Now I've have purchased a Anet A8plus a couple of months ago and started modding (the fun part of 3D printing). Tried some Arduino's with Ramps etc. they are just horrible quality so i switched to a 32Bit Minitronics.

I've set everything up and most things seem to work just fine. Now I can't get my endstops to function or get a proper reading on them. I've tried every setting I could possibly try, even settings that hardly make any sence. Elektronical readings are ding and the endstops are doing that they need to do mechanically.

Still swapped out the wiring just to make sure, without any results.

Anyone here with idea's on what this could be?

Configuration_Cartesian.h included since this seemed the most logical file.

Thanks in advance
open | download - Configuration_Cartesian.h (39.2 KB)
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