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Gold - just because, and more critical things

Posted by rq3 
Gold - just because, and more critical things
September 20, 2021 07:54PM
DiamondBack nozzles has met their Kickstarter goal, so my card has been hit, and I'm expecting my diamond nozzle in November. In celebration, I decided what the hey, and gold plated my pure silver heat block in anticipation.

Meanwhile, while playing with Marlin firmware, I discovered a very old, and very serious flaw in Marlin. Apparently the Analog to Digital conversions in Marlin were all "cut and paste" from the older 8 bit boards, and the A/D converters were never updated from 10 bit to 12 bit. This is a 4x delta in temperature resolution. This has been reported and pushed into the latest bugfixes. It makes a HUGE difference, as you might expect.

Before discovering this Marlin flaw, I designed a PT1000 amplifier, which should give my printer at least 0.070C temperature resolution at the hot end, with a PT1000 sensor good to 600C. The amplifier is designed for a 0-500C range on the 12 bit ADC, with a 3.3 volt ratiometric reference, and standard 4.7Kohm pullups.

Back to the nozzle. It seems that well established companies, who have been in business for years, or even many decades, are now using Kickstarter as very inexpensive advertising. They don't need the capital, but a small outlay for a Kickstarter campaign gets them visibility in the marketplace. 'm not sure I like this, but I bought in to it with the nozzle. Just something to be aware of.

So, the VDE Schnekenstruder will have a gold plated pure silver heat block, with a platinum RTD sensor, and a diamond nozzle. I really think I need an aerogel heat block sock. I should be able to print with solder wire, instead of plastic.

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