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Diamond Nozzle first impressions

Posted by rq3 
Diamond Nozzle first impressions
November 06, 2021 02:22PM
I just received my 0.4mm Diamondback Nozzle. It's a sintered diamond orifice in a standard sized brass housing. The claims for it are extreme hardness (it will never wear out), ad extreme thermal conductivity (it gets heat into the filament as rapidly as possible).

Under the microscope, the flat diamond surface that "irons" the filament appears to be highly polished, and the orifice itself appears to be very round and concentric. It installed on my delta with zero issues, and after a quick z-height check, (no adjustment required), it was off to the races printing a PLA Benchy.

The only thing necessary was to drop the temperature from 195C to 185C, and now 175C to reduce stringing due, I presume, to the much higher thermal conductivity. The PLA doesn't seem to want to stick to the diamond at all, very much like a fried egg on a Teflon pan. Surface finish is excellent, and I'm looking forward to installing it on the VDE Scheckenstruder with its gold plated silver heat block and patinum RTD sensor. But first I have to fiqure out why Marlin doesn't deal at all well with platinum RTD sensors, even though it claims it does.

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Re: Diamond Nozzle first impressions
November 08, 2021 12:40AM

But it is still going to wear out if you print Ultra Diamond filament!
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