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skr pro v1.2 doesnot move

Posted by makkeleon 
skr pro v1.2 doesnot move
September 23, 2022 11:44AM
Hello to all:

I having problems with my printer.
Skr pro v1.2 6x tmc2226 REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER Configuration.h Configuration_adv.h
First it didn't do sensorless homing.
Then i start all over again and now it does homing well but after that nothing seems to work.
Also when i tried to move directly after start up it doesn't move in any direction but when i push home it goes to the home position.
When i put my old bin in again it move okay but without homing.
So my problem is with the new bin it does homing but no movement and with the old bin it moves without homing and prints okay
With the new one it prints without moving.
I already tried 27 different bins I created but with more or less the same result.
Can some one help me? What I'm doing wrong?

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Re: skr pro v1.2 doesnot move
September 25, 2022 12:09AM
cant seen anything that would stop movement

This is not valid
#define BED_CENTER_AT_160_160

you either enable or disable //#define BED_CENTER_AT_0_0
Is not used to set non 0,0 center of bed

These are odd
#define HOMING_BUMP_MM { 0, 0, 0 } // (linear=mm, rotational=°) Backoff from endstops after first bump

I would reset this back to defaults

You should disable this unless your adding code to Marlin/src/tests/marlin_tests.cpp
Re: skr pro v1.2 doesnot move
September 25, 2022 03:03AM
I Just setup my Skr pro v1.2 with two tmc2209's (1 in X and one in Y) and a GLCD + two stepper motors and a 12v power supply

Setup the motherboard jumpers for UART stepper drivers.

Flashed your Config file to the Controller. (I did update them to bugfix 2.1.x)
Verified it flashed by checking compile date in M115, it had.

send G1 X20 both X and Y steppers move as expected
send G1 X0 both X and Y steppers move back as expected
sent G1 X20 Y20, only X moves as expected (diagonal moves only move one stepper)

I can see no Config file issues

I cannot home... its not in a machine and no endstops
Here is my firmware.bin firmware.bin

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Re: skr pro v1.2 doesnot move
September 27, 2022 07:28AM
Thanks I am going to try tomorrow
Re: skr pro v1.2 doesnot move
October 01, 2022 08:46AM
spinning smiley sticking its tongue outIt works thank You very much!

I will put the project off the linear construction with sensorless homing and probe on Thingiverse one of these days.
It prints really nice.
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