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Notes on Stepper Motor Mods, and a VDE extruder update

Posted by rq3 
Notes on Stepper Motor Mods, and a VDE extruder update
November 21, 2022 06:44PM
During the development of the VDE-100 Schneckenstruder co-axial extruder (and at other times), I have modified various stepper motors by axially drilling their shafts, or removing the factory fasteners for modification (like lengthening for locating pins), and similar weirdness.

The smaller the motor, the tighter the tolerances in its manufacture, and I often find that competely opening a motor of a size smaller than NEMA 17 means that, upon re-assembly, the rotation is not smooth. Even the smallest bit of magnetic "dust" within the inner workings, or misalignment of the rotor and stator, within microns, can lead to poor operation.

When it is NOT necessary to completely open the motor, but just to remove its fasteners, I have found it very helpful to apply a drop of Loctite 290, or other wicking thread fastener, to the junction between the iron stator and the aluminum or pot metal end caps of the motor. This locks everything in place, while causing no damage to anything, and still lets the motor fasteners be removed easily if need be.

The Schneckenstruder has been permanently mounted on my go-to delta for well over a year now, and continues to perform very well. Attached is my preferred NEMA 14 version.
open | download - VDE-140_Schneckenstruder.jpg (598.3 KB)
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