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Recycled plastic formwork for construction

Posted by MortarArt 
Recycled plastic formwork for construction
August 19, 2022 01:54AM
In early 2021 I decided that I was going to try to produce formwork (for poured structures such as concrete) out of recycled plastic bricks. This was in part because I'd heard that there's timber shortages, a crisis in plastic recycling, and I always wanted to figure out what to do with my waste 3D prints. In discussions with concreters and other builders who use formwork, I was told that the resulting surface finish of the structure was a very important consideration when selecting a material for formwork. This is why formply, with it's smooth exterior laminate is the industry standard, even if it rapidly becomes a waste product.

This lead me to come up with higher specifications for tolerances & surface quality than the original, open source brick tooling designed by Precious Plastic. However I was determined that the geometry of their brick was still suitable for formwork, with the addition of a compression step, and more precise (machined rather than welded) parts.

As a result I started work late last year in building a PrintNC specced to my project, with hardware that I am familiar with (Duet). This week, using steel I milled and cut on the PrintNC I was able to produce my first "early production brick"*.

The mould's design is simple to replicate, costs less than $300aud, $200usd, 170gbp, etc. and can produce bricks without additional tooling, with nothing more than your body weight and some** heat.

I'm seeking feedback on the project, and hopefully some people interested in replicating it.

*that didn't break into pieces as I demoulded it.


I've uploaded the current design here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5467974

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Re: Recycled plastic formwork for construction
August 19, 2022 02:01AM
... for higher stability you could add some cut fibers - e.g. hemp fibers or such ... eventually carbon or glass fibers will do it too, if more "tech" than "green" smoking smiley

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Re: Recycled plastic formwork for construction
October 28, 2022 12:14AM
Your idea of using plastic from recycling center is great. Most of the plastic waste is buried in a landfill. What they do with these products is good because they are recycling. They are contributing to the environment by doing this. You are right on what you are saying that most people are ignorant that they are contributing to the plastic crisis. This is because they don't know that by throwing plastics in a landfill, it will be sent to the ocean and will be used for the highest bidder. This is the main reason why you should turn your ideas into reality. Once you are able to turn your idea into reality, you will be making a difference.
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