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Anybody else building?

Posted by RussNelson 
Anybody else building?
November 19, 2007 05:42PM
Anybody else in the area building? I have some parts, mostly for experimental purposes. But I'd love to get together with anybody else in the area who has even the least interest in a reprap.
Re: Anybody else building?
December 03, 2008 05:42PM
FYI, I'm currently building a Ponoko lasercut RepStrap. Have bought all the M3 x25 screws that Evans & Whites has, and they were completely out of stock of 3' faus-M8 (5/16ths) rod.
Re: Anybody else building?
December 04, 2008 04:36PM
Hey, Ive been thinking about building a seedling for a while now. ive gotten all the materials together, minus some of the electronics. See how far i can get over winter break. Glad to know there's someone else up here building one.
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