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Orlando RepRappers/MakerBotters!

Posted by Chorca 
Orlando RepRappers/MakerBotters!
October 04, 2011 03:52PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that while this forum is quite slow, there are actually quite a few people interested in RepRapping in the Orlando area!

FamiLAB (the Orlando-area hackerspace) has been growing quickly, and we now have 5 or so members with 3D printers, and just recently did a repair/tuning day, which turned out quite fruitful! We have a new member who also has a Thing-O-Matic kit, and would like some help building it, and as soon as we get our printers up and running we will be able to print RP parts!

If anyone here is in the area and would like some help, info, or just someone local to talk to about this, or see a working printer (which always helps) please feel free to contact us! We are at [familab.org] and #familab on Freenode.net IRC.

Email is welcome as well, there is a mailing list on the FamiLAB site, or you can email me at chorca@gmail.com.

We would love to get some sort of group going with regular meetings, so let us know if you're interested!
Answered via email.
Re: Orlando RepRappers/MakerBotters!
June 09, 2014 10:29PM
Hey there!

I'm a Canadian enthusiast who's going to Florida next week! I'm wondering if anyone know of any local shop for me to get upgrades/replacementa for my reprap!
I own one replicator 2 and a Mix G1 reprap! and I have spent so much time on making my mix g1 so good that it prints if not better, at least as good as the replicator 2!!!

thanks for your help and info!
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