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7-axis reprap

Posted by Joeri 
7-axis reprap
November 25, 2009 03:40AM
I am walking with the idea for a few weeks now. to make the reprap a full 3d printer.
the current design has X,Y,Z and A for extruder feedrate. and was thinking to add 3 servo's to it. one to rotate along the X-axis, one to rotate along the Y-axis.
and the last servo to rotate the extruderhead 'cause if the XY platform is standing vertically the head can't reach the workpiece.
the idea is good I think but how do I translate a drawn model to 7-axis G-code.
any suggestions are welcome.
Re: 7-axis reprap
November 27, 2009 01:00AM
It sounds cool, but I think it would be adding complexity without adding functionality.

Having a tilting spindle is useful for CNC machining, however.
Re: 7-axis reprap
December 02, 2009 05:17AM
it would add functionality for printing complexer parts. a wormgear for example would be one of them. the reprap now can't print horizontaly above the platform.
but if the platform tilts it's possible. and the tilting spindle is for reaching close to the platform. if the platform is tilted 90° and your object goes horizontaly at 1cm of the platform the spindle can't reach it. therefore it tilts.
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