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Adelaide newbie needs parts printed!

Posted by anon 
Adelaide newbie needs parts printed!
March 06, 2013 06:29AM

I've been following 3D printers for a while and always toyed with building one, but never had an immediate application so never dived deeper.....now an application has been found and I'm ready to bomb myself into it. I'm a Computer Systems Engineer but doing more Project Management these days so I love these little projects where I can get my hands dirty.

I'm trying to set myself a budget of ~$600, with electronics ($210 for RAMPS, drivers, Arduino and flashy flash LCD), Steppers (0.9degs $110 for 5) and hotend/extruder ($60 J-head, Wades Hinged $50) consuming a vast majority of that.

I was looking to buy the TwelvePro Prusa i3 frame kit to complete the build which is good value.....but not so much when the price increases 100% for shipping various bits and pieces. I'm looking at various options and I think I can source everything else (laser cut frame, fasteners at stupidly cheap prices, bearings etc...it helps when you work for a big engineering contractor with lots of suppliers!)

So to complete the jigsaw, I'm looking for a generous person to print off (at the moment unless I change frames) the TwelvePro parts kit.

Is there someone who is willing to lend a hand to print these off in ABS? PLA would even be fine just to get me going. Obviously I'm not asking for someone to do it for free smiling smiley I'm more than happy to come to some financial arrangement or in kind payment like supplying the filament and the printer keeps whatever is left (which I imagine would be a fair percentage of a 1kg roll). The parts are on thingaverse so should be a striaght forward exercise.

Please let me know, I'm more than happy to do the exchange in person if your in Adelaide.


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Re: Adelaide newbie needs parts printed!
March 08, 2013 06:31PM
PM sent
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