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Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer

Posted by fredlatesta 
Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer
June 17, 2012 11:12PM
I love making Printers.

I have a newly built Prusa Hybrid for sale. I would like to sell it locally in the greater Toronto Area first, before I post in the for-sale section or E-bay.

Its a Hybrid of what I feel is all the best of the Prusa V1, V2, as well as upgrades on vitamins and parts, I've downloaded from Thingiverse, or all new parts I've designed and posted to Thingiverse. All the upgrades have been tested and work on my first 2 printers. This printer is the culminations of all the best ideas.

The specs:

Prusa V2, & V1
Arduino 2560 compatable
J-head 0.5mm
Mark 2 PCB head bed
LM8UU - Linear Bearing
Marlin Firmware - calibrated for this machine
SAE hardware
6 - 32 nuts/bolts
Metric screws where required.
Hybrid- Greg/Wade accessible Extruder

The Printer has been tested, and calibrated with ABS. The printer has been mounted to a sheet of MDF for easy transport. It comes with a RAMPS case,and power supply, and noise dampening rubber mat.

To make this work, you would need to either acquire glass for the bed, or kapton tape, or some other medium to place on top of the heat bed; and either ABS, or PLA. The printer will come with a short length of ABS to get started.

Total Selling Price: $850 CDN.
open | download - 100_6888.JPG (533.7 KB)
Re: Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer
July 03, 2012 12:17AM

That printer looks excellent!

Good job fredlatesta!
Re: Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer
November 06, 2012 09:29PM

Thank you so much for your interest in a 3D Printer I am/was selling to a local group in Toronto Canada.

I have made 5 more printers, and would be happy to offer one (or more of them) to you. Cathy if this is something that interests you please feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss a special rate.

Again, I have 5 Hybrid-Prusa 3D printers that I would love to sell to you for a very good price.

Fredlatesta, i'm interested in your 3d printer.

Do you have any more available?

Could you please contact me on my email?

turbobricklover @ hotmail.com

Re: Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer
January 21, 2013 01:16PM
Hi Red Liner,

I have sent you a PM. Yes, I have 2 more Fully assembled Hybrid Prusa's; and now that the holidays are over, I will go back into production and make more.

Re: Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer
January 30, 2013 12:34AM
hi fredlatesta, I'm from Argentina and i'm interested in your 3d printer.
Do you ship to my country?
this is my email, I would like to contact you
jose.abrahan @yahoo.com.ar
Re: Selling - Prusa Hybrid 3D Printer
May 09, 2014 09:21PM
What is your best price? I'm in Toronto and I'm interested at your 3d printer, let me know how fast is.
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