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Suppliers in CANADA ??

Posted by Khaled Zaki 
Suppliers in CANADA ??
January 28, 2010 11:54AM
Hi Everyone,

I am starting to build a Mendel !! I am in toronto. Actually I am getting my parts printed and I have most of the circuitry stuff? But I am just wondering if anyone knows what are the best canadian suppliers for the mechanical parts. Maybe somewhere here in the GTA. Right now I am looking for the belts and bearings. And any advice about other stuff would be appreciated.


Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
February 12, 2010 05:33PM
Some of my suppliers used in making Mendel:

* http://www.fastenal.com/web/home.ex - screws, nuts, washers and threaded rod.. ordering online didn't work for me but they have stores in Toronto that are open to the public 9-5. They can get stuff here from the warehouse in 2-3 days and shipping is 5%, this is what i had to do for all the metric parts.
* sparkfun.com - thermocouples come from here and here only. I wish I could buy these locally (don't bother with thermisters, they die to easily/frequently)
* plastic world - I haven't been there my self but it is where HackLab.to gets it's acrylic sheets which I used for the Mendel thick sheet parts.
* Also Hacklab.to might be a good place to check out if you are interested in DIY laser cutting those parts. The laser cutter is not really public access so ask reaaally nicely on IRC or bribe us with tasty pizza pockets or pop winking smiley
* the Beer Store - this is where you get thin sheet parts from. Make sure to buy at least 24 tall cans, once you drink a few your cutting dexterity may decrease and you may need more cans to get it right.. this is a problem of diminishing returns but it is the only source of thin Aluminum in the GTA (anyone who mentions you could just buy it at metal supermarket is a terrible, terrible person).

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Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
March 19, 2010 01:53AM
I am still in the process of ordering but what I have found:

* Fasteners: Bolt Supply Warehouse. Except for some of the M3 that they don't have in stock, they are far cheaper than fastenal. The two items they didn't have (M3x20mm c/s and M3 Nyloc) are still cheaper per unit just have to order boxes of 100.

* Bearings: tried all the bike shops and bearing places in town and ended up ordering from vxb.com. 608s are easy to find $3 each or $20 for 8 where common prices. The only place in town that could even order 624s wanted $8+ per bearing to order them in a week or two. Trying vxb, will let you know approx duty etc. I end up paying to when the bearings arrive from vxb.

* Belts: still working on this. Belterra looks promising though.

* Electronics: I was leaning towards using the Makerbots Gen 3 Electronics. But am getting tired of waiting. May end up sourcing through Digikey and assembling myself. Open to suggestions on this though.

* RP: Working with a friends cnc machine to try and fab my own parts. Doing some test parts soon to see if it is even possible.

* Extruder Parts: Looks like maker bots took their nozzles off the store. Any suggestions for finding nichrome wire?

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Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
March 19, 2010 10:58AM
* Extruder Parts: [store.makerbot.com] shows nichrome, mk3 barrel and mk3 nozzel in stock. I used these with the Mendel Extruder without any trouble.

* Belts: possibly [www.sdp-si.com] - alternatively find someone with mcmaster carr access (this is what i did) or go with Vik's ball-chain design ( [www.thingiverse.com] )

BTW. thanks for the tip on Bolt Supply Warehouse, I hadn't heard of them before.. quick googling didn't return warehouse but did return these guys -> [www.boltsupply.com] is that the same place? If not please enlighten with a url smiling smiley
Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
October 31, 2010 06:31PM
M otion Canada is a good source for belts and bearings. Also shafting lead screws timing pulleys and other stuff
Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
March 19, 2011 10:28AM
This is probably a year too late, but Thingfarm North America is now operating in North America out of Waterloo, Ontario (by yours truly).
Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
October 27, 2011 03:45PM
This is a great shop in Toronto: [www.mixshop.ca]
Re: Suppliers in CANADA ??
October 31, 2011 10:21AM
I just built my first Prusa a month ago, and am now working on a second, and third (these things are addictive!)

For all 3 units, I can say it was just easier to get all the Vitamins from Nether10 (Thingfarm North America) I tried to source all the different parts from places like Brafasco, Fatenal, and a few other bolt houses, but in the end, getting one box with all the parts counted, and cut to the right length saved me more in gas, and time, then going to each location.

I got my starter PLA and hot end from Mixshop, but I am now making my own. Its great to learn about making a hot end with Nichrome wire, but I ended up going the route of the heater block with a wire wound resistor. (Sayal electronics)


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