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Posted by CdnReprap 
March 19, 2010 03:45PM
Hello Everyone

Just wanted to post up a pic of the first part of the production run of the Mendel plastic parts from a commercial FDM machine.

I'll be starting assembly next week.

Anyone find a good source for pla yet?

open | download - ProductionPack1_1.jpg (134.9 KB)
Re: Day1
April 09, 2010 02:30PM
Welcome to the small club of Toronto Mendel users.. actually, you may be the 2nd person here to print one.. after myself smiling smiley

that looks very much like the tray of a stratasys machine, always wondered how much easier those are to use, how long did those take to print?

Anyways the source of PLA I've used is ultimachine.com - actually for some reason their website was down when I tried it today but back in the fall I ordered and received 5 pounds of natural color PLA for $47.50 USD + shipping.. Hopefully that's just server issues and they haven't gone under!

Re: Day1
April 20, 2010 02:58AM
Hi Rob

Yes the parts are printed on the SST1200es, I wasn't in a hurry so I printed them at 0.010" here and there because I wanted a perfect fit and finish so I didn't keep track. It's easy to use but has its qwirks. but for work I love it but I still have use for something cheaper to print personal stuff without cost getting out of hand and the reprap software is more advanced in some ways than catalystEX or Insight software with stratasys machines.

I got 1 machine built with exception of belts that should be here tomorrow, and 2 aditional machines printed, one might get built and sold on ebay.

I also ordered from ultimachine and my order is being delivered tomorrow according to my tracking number. All is well there

I'll post a pics when she's all done.

hope to catch you around!
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