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Posted by papakel 
April 14, 2014 03:22PM
Hi everyone, has anyone ever had to deal with pronterface making a sudden dead stop whilst printing and when trying to restart the job the deadly "Not Responding" message, appears and no matter you do the job is stopped and all materials wasted the only thing that I am able to do is exit the program and re-load it and start from scratch. As this is happening too often I decided to look for another program to replace pronterface and came up with ReplicatorG but as my printer is home built with Sanguinololu 1.3a board I can't get it to connect as it is looking for specific machine makes.
Can someone please help with either problem.
Re: pronterface
April 17, 2014 01:31PM
Hello Papakel,

I'm just having the same issues! Please check the following post. Somebody found out his problem, it might help you also... I'm still searching :-(

Pronterface stopping discussion
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