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New flexible filament: FlexiSMART

Posted by FFFworld 
New flexible filament: FlexiSMART
March 08, 2015 06:21PM
Hey everybody!

My name is Joel from FFFworld and today I bring you a very special announcement. After many months of work today we present our new filament: FlexiSMART. We are announcing it in the principle 3D prinitng websites and we want to share it with you.

FlexiSMART is a flexible filament developed by FFFworld that recovers its original shape when it has been deformed.

We have created FlexiSMART to be easy to use by minimizing the problems that the other flexible filaments often have. That is why FlexiSMART can be used in any FFF 3d printer. FlexiSMART has been tested on hot-ends like j-head and all-metal (with and without Teflon) with excellent results.

The 3mm version can be used in a standard Jonnaskuelling Wades-extruder. The 1.75mm version is more likely to create knots and therefore we recommend to use a special extruder or to modify the one you usually use.

We have documented this information in the website www.fffworld.com/flexismart including digital designs and information about how to modify your extruder if it is necessary.

FlexiSMART can be printed without warm bed. Nor is it necessary to use hairspray or other products to improve adherence because the grip is excellent.

Pieces printed with FlexiSMART have a great finish and they are very resistant, which makes it a filament suitable for general use. Test FlexiSMART to print your favorite designs and check it out by yourself!

We leave the link to the announcement in Amazon so that you can buy it from there and have it at home in just a couple of days.

We also leave the link to our page where you will find more information.

Also, you can leave your questions and comments in this post that we will follow closely.

FlexiSMART is "smart" because it is elastic and because it recovers its original shape

FlexiSMART is "smart" because it is designed to be easy to use.

And FlexiSMART is "smart" because it only costs £26.95 * per kg. Taxes included. The shipping fee is not included.
Re: New flexible filament: FlexiSMART
March 12, 2015 03:09PM
Hi everybody,

Let me show this, dessigned and printed by one of our spanish customer using FlexiSMART.

It is a sucker for the manipulation of glass plates in industrial enviroments and it is supposed to hold up to 20kg. The author has recorded a video too!

The name of the autor is Oscar Herrero, a member of CloneWars (spanish RepRap community)


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