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Bristol anyone?

Posted by michaelc 
Bristol anyone?
July 06, 2010 12:34AM
I've just about finished my first mendel,
looking for people in Bristol who want to work on a new (and improved) machine.

I'm in Horfield, ex-uwe student.
Re: Bristol anyone?
July 06, 2010 08:02AM
I'm not too far away (based in Trowbridge, but working in Bath), but I think there are a few others round here.
I've got an early BfB machine but it needs a bit of work, and I'm building some electronics for a Mendel that I intend to build with it.

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Re: Bristol anyone?
September 25, 2010 07:36AM
Hi Guys
I am new to Kingswood area Bristol and would like to have a Mendal for my Architectural work. Am really just getting started, would appreciate contact with anyone that could help.
Re: Bristol anyone?
November 11, 2010 04:49PM
I'm In Gloucester, not that far away.

Re: Bristol anyone?
November 11, 2010 05:39PM
I'm in Cheltenham
Re: Bristol anyone?
November 17, 2010 06:42AM
can you build on for me? ill pay you
Re: Bristol anyone?
November 17, 2010 01:01PM
lol - Flo, as a matter of interest, how much would you be prepared to pay for someone to build one for you?

I would imagine a realistic price would *at least* be double the materials cost which is around £600-700 due to the time involved in actually building one... so a finished and tested product would be cheap at 1200 - 1400 pounds IMO
Re: Bristol anyone?
April 13, 2011 12:33PM
I'm based in Bristol.

Just about to start my build this weekend - RP and mechanical parts arrived today, hopefully the electronics and extruder are not too far behind.

This looks like it'll be a lot of fun.


Re: Bristol anyone?
April 22, 2011 12:30PM
Please see:
For info about West of England RUG. Hoping to organmise a first get together in Bristol late May early June.

Please PM with contact info if you are interested

David Southwell
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